A brand is the perceived image a company and its products have in the marketplace, consistently identifying the organization and the products and services it provides. The brand provides a point of difference, a reason to choose one company and one product line over another, based on expectations and performance - what customers expect.

Brand Standards Guide

The Boxer brand identity serves as the basis for projecting a distinctive company image that allows the Boxer brand to clearly distinguish itself from competitors, to maintain and achieve high brand familiarity.
If used consistently, it will help communicate to the public how Boxersees itself and firmly anchor the perception of the brand in the market.

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Boxer Logos


The logomark is actually a wordmark—comprised of the Boxer name appearing in a specific typeface and format. The logomark is intended to appear in family with the Snap-on logomark, as a customized typeface with a simulated dimension and metallic surface. The words appear in a fixed relationship, with no space between words. The logomark should not be reset or be altered in any way, and only approved logomark artwork should be used.

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